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Breakfast is provided from 8.00am (earlier if you need an early start for that big route!).

In the continental style, you will have the choice of cereals, croissants, yoghurt, fruit, bread and conserves with fruit juice, tea and coffee. If you're really lucky you might wake to the aroma of a fresh batch of our home-baked bread!

Lunches are your choice - the boulangerie across the road stocks fruit and veg, soft drinks and wine, yoghurts and cheese, as well as bread and pastries of course, or we can provide pack lunches. If you pass through Foix on the way to your walk you can stop off at the supermarkets and stock up there.

Evening meals can be had in Foix from a range of restaurants, starting from about 6 euros for a pizza or you can cater for yourself in our fully equipped kitchen.

Eating in France


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